Self Care Affirmations of the Month for Growing Your Confidence

Self Care Affirmations of the Month for Growing Your Confidence

Self care affirmations you can rely on in your time of need. 

Self care is important. But it's not limited to bubble baths and Target runs. Self care is also about how we talk to ourselves on a regular basis. I have often found myself in a negative self-talk loop. So I use affirmations to rewire my brain. 

The secret to getting affirmations to work for you is consistency. Repeat your affirmation multiple times a day, every day. And to make it easier, pick one affirmation to start practicing. Once that one has made its way into your regular thoughts without you trying, then you can add a new one. 

Below is a list of positive affirmations for growing your confidence. 

  • I will succeed and meet my goals. 
  • I can overcome any obstacle. 
  • I create routines that help me succeed. 
  • I am gracious with my failures. 
  • Creativity comes naturally to me. 
  • My confidence is soaring higher than the clouds. 
  • You've got to over value yourself sometimes. Know your worth and add taxes to it. 
  • Don’t fake it till you make it. Face it till you make it. Get up, work hard, fail, stand back up, face it again, do a little better, fail again. Repeat.

Which affirmation speaks to you in this moment? 

Struggling to remember to repeat your affirmation everyday? Friend, I've got your back. Mood Aromas' Confidence in a bottle can help you remember. It's a natural room and linen spray with lavender and bergamot. Each time you spray it, recite your affirmation. And if you've forgotten it (it's okay!), we've put one on the bottle. You've got this! 

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